Beginner's Section

We know it's difficult when you start learning a new instrument. That's why we've decided to put together this page.

Here is where you can find some good beginner ukulele resources.

The basics
Which size ukulele should I buy?
Parts of a ukulele
How to hold a ukulele?
How do I tune my ukulele?

Learn to Play - Part 1
Basic chords (C, G7 & F)
Basic chords (G & Am)
3 chord songs for the ukulele

Learn to Play - Part 2 (video!)
Learn to play ukulele
Learn to play ukulele - Part 2
Jason Mraz: I'm Yours (C, G, F & Am)  [NEW!]
Ingrid Michaelson: You and I (C, G, F, G7 & Am)  [NEW!]

People we 'heart'

Help! I'm looking for a. . .
- Ukulele tutor who lives near me (coming soon...)
- Local ukulele club (coming soon...)

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