Learn to Play Ukulele Part 2 (Video!)

Ready to learn more ukulele?     

If you liked Part 1, you're gonna love the rest!

Jody Kamisato: Learn to Play the Ukulele: Part 1 
Song - "White Sandy Beach" (8 mins)

Jody Kamisato: Learn to Play the Ukulele: Part 2 
Song - "White Sandy Beach" (3 mins)

        - introduction to 4 strings  
        - Learn 4 chords:  F, B-flat, B-flat minor, C7
        - Strum Pattern:  Down-Down-Up-Up-Down
        - "White Sandy Beach", play and sing along!

Coveywood: The "Best" Ukulele Strum 
in the World (1 min)

Coveywood: The Second "Best" Ukulele Strum 
in the World 
(2 min)

- Some amazing strumming technique!
        - Perhaps for the slightly advanced ukulele players
- More amazing strumming technique!


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