Learn to Play Ukulele (Video!)

We know sometimes WORDS just don't do a good enough job explaining things.

So we thought we'll put together some beginner ukulele videos!

We scoured the web (ohhh trust us, we did...)

And we watched HOURS and HOURS of videos (ohhh trust us, we really did...)

And these are the ones we hand-picked, specifically for you, our dear beginner friends ;)


Riffeo: Ukulele Basics (3 mins)

Arron: Strumming for the Beginner (2 min)

        - Learn 4 chords:  C, F, G7, G

        - Learn Strum Pattern: Down-Down-Up-Up-Down

Arron: The Fan Strum (2 min)

Arron: "Chucking" Strumming Technique (2 min)

- Learn the "Fan" Strum (this is pretty cool!)

        - Learn "Chucking" (useful if you're playing alone!)  

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