Tuning Your Ukulele

There are several ways to tune your ukulele:

1) Online tuner at get-tuned.com

Advantage: It's free!
Disadvantage: You need a computer (with speakers) and a quiet room. You also have to trust your ears.

2) Using a ukulele tuner

Advantage: It's more accurate. Doesn't require a computer.
Disadvantage: Unless it's Christmas, you probably have to buy one (check out our accessories section!)

3) Tuning the ukulele to itself

Here's a link that shows you how to do this right. We find it's best to start with the C-string, and work your way down to E, G and then finally A.
Advantage: If done right, you can do it anywhere, anytime!
Disadvantage: You absolutely need to know what you're doing, and have a very sharp ear.

4) There's an App for that

Those with iPhones/iPods/iPads, you'll find a few options on the AppStore. We think the Ukulele Tuner is the best (it's free too!).

Advantage: It's free, and it's pretty convenient since you'll likely always have your iPhone/iPod/iPad with you.
Disadvantage: Obviously, you need to own an iPhone/iPod/iPad. It's also not as accurate compared to using a traditional tuner. 

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