Which Size?

Aloha! So you’re looking to buy your first uke? Not sure which size is the best?

We’ll make it easy for you.

Soprano is the tiny one.
Concert is a little bigger.
Tenor even bigger.
And baritone is the big brother.

So, this is what we think:

Buy the soprano (oh hey, guess who sells ONLY sopranos?)

Yes, we’re biased, but only because we think sopranos are AWESOME.

Sopranos are GREAT for strumming - they just feel oh-so-right!

Sopranos are EASY to learn - they're tiny, so it's so much easier to stretch for notes and chords.

Best of all, sopranos produce sound that is often described as light, sweet and bouncy. Yes...bouncy!

On the other hand, concerts and tenors have a fuller, broader, deeper tone, and often more volume.  In other words, the soprano produces a FUN sound, while the concert and tenor are more "serious". The baritone... well they just sound like the guitar (no disrespect to all the baritone lovers out there, but it’s true!)

There is a downside. If you have very-fat fingers, then you might struggle to get used to the soprano because of its petite size and short fretboard. Professionals and advanced players tend to prefer either the concert or tenor precisely because of their longer fretboard, which is good for fingerstyle solos and instrumentals.

But if you're just starting out on this epic ukulele journey, SOPRANO is the way to go!

Hope this helps. Now go check out our awesome store!

For the geeks:

Type Scale Length      Total Length     
Soprano 13" or 33cm      21" or 53cm     
Concert    15" or 38cm      23" or 58cm     
Tenor 17" or 43cm      26" or 66cm     
Baritone       19" or 48cm      30" or 76cm     

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